Steps for Remote Scanning Badge

  1. Fill out form.
  2. Receive confirmation appointment.
  3. Got to location provided in appointment invite.
  4. Have phone and badge with you.
  5. Receive call from Avant.
  6. Provide name and badge information to Avant Staff.
  7. Present badge to the access reader when asked. 
  8. Avant staff will read badge ID and save to staff file.
  9. Check badge on the reader to ensure that it works for the new system.
  10. Thanks and have a great day.

​​St. Elizabeth Healthcare Employee Badge Scanning

If you have missed one of the badging days for your facility, please complete the form below to have your employee badge scanned remotely. Please check the employee information page for updated dates you can scan badges onsite at your facility. 

Once you complete the form entirely.( all fields must be filled in) You will receive an email confirming the appointment. The email will provide instructions for the location inside the facility you will need to be at to scan your badge at your confirmed time.

Please provide your mobile number to receive a call at the scheduled appointment time. Make sure to have all employee badges you carry with you. 

This process will take about 5 minutes once you receive the call. You will present your badge to a access controller reader, the Avant staff calling will read the ID remotely and confirm that it works on the reader.